Grant Application Process



1. To initiate the grant application process, please fill out the Online Grant Inquiry Form within the designated open application season. After receiving the inquiry, we will assess its eligibility. If deemed eligible, you will be assigned a unique grant reference number and provided with a link to submit the complete grant application. Kindly ensure that only one inquiry per project and person is submitted. 

Inquiries are accepted annually in February and July via our website. Once the foundation receives the maximum amount of inquiries, the online grant inquiry form page is disabled and an applicant will have to wait until the next cycle to submit an inquiry. The foundation does not accept e-mail inquiries. As such, we urge all applicants to complete the Online Grant Inquiry Form as early as possible.

2. Please complete the grant application in its entirety and ensure that all requested supplementary materials, such as professional cost estimates, pro forma invoices, maps, pictures, etc., are included. It is essential to upload and attach all supplemental documentation directly to the online grant application form. Please note that we do not accept documents via email or postal mail. Therefore, all documents must be submitted at the time of application submission. Please be aware that any documents received through alternative means will not be taken into consideration.

3. All applications must include an approval letter from the local Diocesan Ordinary or a senior Diocesan officer. Alternatively, the letter may come from the local Superior of an applicant's religious order. These letters should be written on official letterhead and bear the appropriate seal. Furthermore, the letters must explicitly mention the approval of the specific project and include the corresponding grant reference number.


Submission Deadlines

All applications must be submitted exclusively during the designated funding cycle and through invitation only. Please ensure that you submit your application before the specified deadline, as we are unable to accommodate early submissions or carry them over to subsequent funding cycles. 

  • Summer funding cycle deadline: March 31st
  • Winter funding cycle deadline: September 30th

Only applications submitted through the link provided by the foundation will be considered for funding. These applications must include all required supplementary documentation as attachments. Applications and documents received via email or postal mail will not be accepted anymore. We strongly advise all interested parties to refrain from sending documentation by mail, as the foundation has transitioned to a paperless system. 

Given the significant number of applications the foundation receives, we regretfully cannot provide funding for all the projects proposed. The inquiry period for the summer funding cycle will begin in February, while for the winter funding cycle, it will begin in July. We strongly urge all organizations to regularly monitor our website for updates on the grant cycle's commencement and to submit their inquiries and applications at the earliest opportunity.

For further information about The Loyola Foundation, please contact us at:

The Loyola Foundation

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