Eligibility & Requirements

determine your eligibility

1. Is your project part of an overseas Catholic mission activity?
2. Is it a capital project (construction, equipment or a vehicle)?
3. Can your project be finished for $20,000 (or less)?
4. Can you obtain written approval for your project from the local Diocesan ordinary?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are eligible to submit an Online Grant Inquiry Form during open application season.


Application Requirements

  • For a construction or renovation project, a blueprint and professional cost estimate, prepared by a local contractor, as well as pro forma invoices for required materials and photographs of the project in its current state, as applicable.
  • For the purchase of equipment or a vehicle, a pro forma statement quoting the cost of the vehicle or equipment, prepared by a local dealership.
  • The written approval of the local diocesan ordinary or superior, with their seal affixed. This letter must specify that the official has reviewed and approved the specific project.

Please note: Applicants must fill out the inquiry and application and submit all supporting materials and correspondence in English or your project will not be considered.


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